Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers

Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers Pty. Ltd commenced operation in early 1963 under the ownership of David Willing, Peter Salter, Eric Morgan, Max Eaves, Ned Linch and Rex Mundy.

The company was known as Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers and Exporters. In 1966 ownership changed hands and was operating from two sites, being The Derwent Park Abattoirs operated by Jim McCreary and Ben Wignall and 173 Campbell Street Hobart, operated by Rex Brown who was later joined by Trevor Sharman.

After the closure of the Derwent Park Abattoirs Rex Brown and Trevor Sharman remained the only two operators of Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers and Exporters. In 1983 Rex Brown and Trevor Sharman and his wife became the sole owners.

On the 9th of October 1989 Douglas and Susan King became the owners of the company which is now known as Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers Pty. Ltd. Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers are suppliers of quality meats including beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and small-goods.

What’s Happening at Tas Meats


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Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers wish to advise all our customers that we will be CLOSED

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